Live from Cambodia, with female traveller Kavita, who’s been travelling for 23 months. This episode is full of travel tips, solo travel adventures and inspirational ideas. 

After deciding to take a career break from her job as a Teacher, Kavita booked her travel around the world. Travelling Europe, America, Australia and Asia, including Russia. This woman is incredible and has a love of travel and seeing what the world has to offer.

If you want to be a solo traveller and really want to go travelling, then this episode is for you…


This is Kavita’s epic solo travel adventure…

Kavita’s advice: “Just do it … and do it for yourself.”


This travel episode is about …

  • Travelling and working in Australia

  • Travelling China – Kavita’s fave place to travel

  • Drone pics with Chinese locals

  • Christmas away from her family

  • Travel tips – saving money, packing bags, and asking the locals

  • Language barriers

  • Overcoming fears of mopeds, ice-skating and personal safety

  • Leaving the make up at home

  • Kavita’s Travel Bucket List


    Chinese numbers with hands (pic from my China travel guide)


Episode Links:

#12 – Planning to have no plans when travelling

#11 – Working in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa


If you want to know more about Kavita’s website you can check it out here


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