Foods to avoid eating on a plane



When it comes to eating on a plane, people rarely turn down the “free” food that’s on offer and always want more of the free food. But what if I told you that when you fly your body goes into slow motion, which sends your metabolism rate into speed of a snail? What if I also told you that eating large and heavy meals contributes towards jet lag?

Would you rethink eating that free large meal? Thought so.

This episode gives you a very quick and simple method to use when you fly to make sure you’re eating when you need to and not because it’s free.


 Foods to avoid eating on a plane…

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This travel podcast is about …

  • Food and eating on a plane

  • It take a lot longer to digest food on a plane due to the altitude.

  • Ask yourself 3 questions before munching on that meal

    • 1)  Is this the best time for me to be eating?

    • 2) Is this the right food I should be eating right now?

    • 3) Do I really need this?

  • Your body goes into slow motion when it comes to digesting food in the air.

  • When you land, your body adjusts back to its normal metabolism rate.

  • Following the meal patterns of the destination you are going to stops jet lag (Episode #9 How to Stop Getting Jet Lag).

  • Foods to avoid before and during a flight are Lactose foods due to the bloating effect it can cause.

  • Avoid heavy carbs like pasta, rice and potato.

  • I’m unable to eat any rice before or during a flight.

  • Drink plenty of water to aid digestion, stop dehydration and your skin drying out.

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Listen to episode #9 on How to Stop Getting Jet Lag

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