Get the confidence to go travelling



Don’t have enough confidence to go travelling? Are you scared of travelling alone as a solo female traveller? Or are you scared about what would happen if you were to travel?

In this episode I share a technique to help discover why you’re not travelling. And to help you take action to start planning your trip. It’s important to know what’s holding you back, to then be able to get rid of that fear and go travelling.

You’ll be impressed, surprised and love this technique…

This episode is inspired by a conversation with a Customer Advisor in a call centre, who had no confidence to travel. If this is like you, then listen now…

Getting the confidence to go travelling…

This travel episode is about …

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  • Its okay if you’re not ready to travel yet

  • I had no confidence and would say ‘its not for someone like me’ and ‘one day I’ll travel’.

  • No money? Listen to; how to fund your trip before you go

  • Ask yourself why you’re not confident? What specifically is it?
    Eg. Meeting new people, is travelling alone, the unknown in general

The technique – give it a go, be open minded and just go with it! (my example below)

  • Take time out
  • Be alone
  • Switch of the tv, no phone
  • Go somewhere where you’re not going to be interrupted
  • Allow everything to stop for a moment
  • Get a notepad and a pen
  • Get comfortable
  • Start writing to your inner self (see my example below)
  • Ask yourself questions and let answers come up. – eg. Why do I not have the confidence to travel
  • Give yourself time to get into it
  • Relax
  • Why does this work? Remember when you had to write a story as a child? Where did that story come from?

My example;
I know I really want to travel, but why am I not travelling? What is it that’s holding me back? This is ridiculous. I know I’d love to be out in the world. I’ve got all these things I want to do, see and experience. I want to meet new people, but for some reason I just don’t. What is it that is pulling me back?

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