Should you quit your job to travel?


Knowing if you should quit your job and go travelling is a really difficult decision to make. So many gals stay in a job too long and regret not quitting earlier. And other gals quit their jobs and wished they hadn’t.

But maybe you don’t have to quit to go travelling. What if there is another way? What if you could keep your job and still go travelling?

In this episode, I’m giving you a few options that may suit your situation better. I also give you gals that are stuck with the ‘quitting your job’ dilemma, a few tips to help make a decision that’s right for you.

Listen now to find out if you…

Should quit your job to go travelling…


This travel episode is about …

  • How I quit my job to go travelling – check out my story here

  • The dilemma; should you quit or should you travel. Answer this question; Are you in career that you could do anywhere? Or is it a specialised field?

  • What’s your job market like at the moment?

  • Instead of quitting can you do something else?

    • Can you take a career break?

    • Can you consolidate your holiday?

  • The best time for people in England to travel is in May – why? We have two bank holidays

What is more important to you right now?
Quitting my job and go travelling – Check out How to plan a trip for the first time 
Staying in my job and continuing on with it – Check out how to fund your travel before you go here

Imagine that you’re at the end of your life…
Are you going ot think – ‘I’m so glad I stayed in that job and achieved all that I did in that company
I really wish I quit my job and went travelling

Your task:

  1. Find out if your employer offers a career break
  2. Speak to a recutier – how many jobs are in your sector at the moment – would it be easy to find another job after returning from travelling
  3. Look into the time of year you’re quitting your job
  4. Think about your return date
    For example, January is a very difficult month to get as its after Christmas and budgets are tight
    This applies mostly to Western countries who are in their Winter season (UK and USA etc)

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