How to choose a wild card destination


Travelling to a completely random and a ‘just because’ destination, can be one of the best decisions you make. Having a wild card allows you to have freedom and be wowed by everything.

In today’s episode, I reveal my ‘wild card’ destination from my recent travel to Italy and encourage you to choose a wild card place, when planning your travel adventure.

How to choose a wild card destination…

This travel episode is about …

  • What is a wild card? – somewhere you don’t have planned, maybe not doing that much research, going with the flow

  • Enhance your travelling experience

  • This is what I did with the city Bologna in Italy.

  • I loved it – not the prettiest, not the most interesting in terms of arcthitecture.

  • It is the place to go for food – the home of Italian food.

  • Download your free workbook

  • Just pick somewhere and be really random in your choosing

  • Tip for choosing you wild card: Stop somewhere on the way to your next destination

  • Go somewhere just because, no further explanation is needed.

  • When you don’t really know a place that well, you tend to talk to more people and are open more to suggestions.

  • Use local advice and opinions on the best places to go and see.

  • Best Pasta in Bologna (in my opinion) Pasta Fresca Naldi Bologna 


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