Random bag of bits for every female backpacker


As a female backpacker, you will end up having a random bag of bits that’ll go with you everywhere. You’ll start it before you leave and continuously add to it as you go through your journey.

What is a bag of bits I hear you ask? And why should you take one travelling?

Well you’ll just have to listen to find out…

This travel episode is about …

  • Little bag that you have before you go and you end up collecting bits to add to it as you travel

  • Every backpacker needs a bag of bits (sorry about the name)

  • Should be in every gals backpack

  • Get a Backpackers tip / secret

  • “Survival bag” – everyone’s is different – reflects you and what you need as a person

  • I explain what’s in mine and what it is

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#8 – 10 Items every Gal needs in her hand luggage

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