Do something different in America


Think crazy storms, life and death, American adventures and travelling through “at Risk Areas”. This episode will blow your mind!

Laura is a successful career woman in the UK, with a wild adventurous side! Laura’s reasons for travel started when she first watched the 90s movie Twister. This sparked her LOVE and fascination for Tornados. Yes you read that right… Tornados.

Laura is a Storm-chaser! She travels to America to track down Tornados in Tornado Alley, which is the area where they are the most frequent. All I am going to say is…


and enjoy this episode.

Listen for Laura’s crazy Storm-chasing experiences…

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“Don’t ever be scared of doing it on your own.” 


This travel episode is about ….

  • Watching a Storm-chasing film to actually Chasing one in real life

  • How a one of holiday has become a lifelong addiction

  • What being a Chaser actually involves

  • Tornado Alley in the USA

  • Thoughts and feelings of being face to face with a Tornado

  • Seeing 17 Tornados in one day

  • Watching a violent Tornado about to destroy an entire town

  • Dealing with the bad side of Storm-chasing and the catastrophic affects

  • Being the only female in a stereotypical male activity

  • Getting a Bucket List

  • America’s quirky side – Man vs. Food challenges and more!

    Some pictures from Laura’s Storm chasing experience:

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