GAL PAL Academy

Inspire & prepare GALS to live their TRAVEL dreams and start on their travel adventures.


What we do…

Online travel courses and workshops aimed to turn every GAL from a travel dreamer to a travel do-er.

We have a podcast – GAL PAL Travel Podcast – and a blog; with info, knowledge, travel tips and inspirational guests!

1-to-1 Coaching Sessions with the Founder Jo Moore


What is GAL PAL Academy?

It’s the BEST community for GALS who want to travel the world, but don’t know where to START. 

We take you from dreaming about travel, to getting out THERE and DOING IT. 

We offer courses and workshops, a free podcast and blog with AWESOME tips on GAL PAL travel.

We’d LOVE for YOU to JOIN US and be apart of GAL PAL Academy.

Freedom, adventure and travel is waiting for you…

So, COME and JOIN GAL PAL Academy

Because GALS were made to travel!

 Love  JO xx

GAL PAL Founder & Travel Pro