Simple Steps to Travel Succes

Light Bulb Moment
1. You Decide to Go Travelling
Yes, this is the very first step in going travelling. Now breathe and move straight on to the next step.
Light Bulb Moment
Take Action
2. Download the free worksheet
Want to really see if you want to go travelling? Get the free worksheet and actually complete it. It’s relatively easy and will determine if you’ve thought about some of the key questions needed to go travelling. Once completed move straight onto step 3…
Take Action
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3. Enrol on the Gal Pal Bootcamp
If you’ve made the decision to go travelling, don’t hesitate now… get yourself signed onto the Bootcamp and keep that momentum high. It’ll be the push you need to make your travel dreams happen. Do it now…
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GEt Ready
4. Completed Bootcamp and ready to book your entire trip
Wow wow wow, you’ve completed the Bootcamp, planned your trip, booked your trip and now you’re at the airport awaiting your flight to your very first Country on your travel adventure. You’ll be feeling excited, nervous and so proud of yourself. Take a breath. Now go travel…
GEt Ready

I can help you with...

Planning your trip

The Gal Pal Bootcamp is the ultimate course that’ll have you taking action, making decisions and feeling like you can do this! You can plan your trip and you will go travelling.


Travelling as a female and as a solo female traveller is one of the bravest things you will do in your life. Having the confidence to actually get on the plane and go is something you can learn and build up. Let’s do this together.

Photo of Jo Moore stood in front of the Taj Mahal in India.


I've travelled to over 31 countries across 4 continents and have been on safaris, hot air balloon rides, climbed mountains and bridges, jumped off mountains, lived and camped in the desert, rode camels and horses, met the Dalai Lama… and so so much more. I can help you see what’s available in the world for you. What’s waiting for you to discover?


Need that extra boost to get started as a female traveller? Starting can be the hardest thing, but with my help and support you can make travel happen for you this year! Listen to Gal Pal Show to get some motivation.

Do any of these reasons
not to travel, sound like you?

It absolutely is! You would make an exceptional female traveller. This was my excuse for not going travelling and I realised I was just holding myself back from doing the one thing that I had always wanted to do! 

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

It can be completely safe if you look after yourself and prepare for your travel. Spend time researching places to go, accommodation, transport and then enrol on the Bootcamp course. This will get you prepared and ready to go travelling.

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

Then become a solo female traveller.

Join a tour group for part of your trip if not all your tip. Then you’ll be able to meet like-minded people that could end up becoming your best friends. I found that after joining a tour to travel both China and then India gave me enough confidence to travel solo through Thailand and Australia.

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

This may be, but it is your choice, your life and you travel dreams that you want to pursue. From experience, I found that when you have clarity on your travel plans and then tell your family or / and partner, they understand better that this is your dream and your choice.

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

There are so many ways to save and make more money. Start by looking at where you spend your wages currently. Do you always have to have the most up to date fashion accessories or buy new clothes every month? Or maybe you love to eat out with your friends every week. This is where you could make some really good savings. And gal, it’s time to make some plans!

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

Have you asked if it would be possible to take a career break or an unpaid month or two off work? Taking a short-term career break could be an option for you or potentially you could see if you can work remotely. If it isn’t then ask yourself; “If I stay in my job and don’t travel, will I regret it?”

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Download your Travel Planning Worksheet now

Don’t let any of the above stop you doing what you really want to do. It is scary, you will have to learn new things, you will have to go out of your comfort zone but it’ll be so so so worth it!

You just have to take the first step…

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