How I quit my life to go travelling and start a business


My name is Jo Moore and I’ve started Gal Pal Academy to inspire and empower women to travel the world. I’m helping you Gals develop the confidence to go travelling and live your travel dreams!

I’m so happy to see you joining the Gal Pal Academy community and letting me be a part of your travel journey!

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I’m here to guide you, give you awesome advice and our best knowledge! I love seeing you ladies getting out in the world and becoming confident, independent, strong women!!


So where did this all begin…?


Well, it all started with a girl that really wanted to experience different lifestyles and experience what it is like living in different countries and cultures. I had a very unsettled childhood as my father was in the Military, so I moved around the UK a lot and ended up going to 8 Primary Schools, and 2 High Schools (which was pretty good in comparison to my older brother who attended 5 High Schools)! When I was 5, we lived in Germany and got to experience the German Saturday food markets and the Xmas markets, which instantly I get taken back to upon the minimal scent of German sausages and sweet German pastries! This was the beginning of my love and attraction to travelling.


I was 24 when I finally made the decision to backpack around the world and sell all my belongings, quit my well paid Cabin Crew job and have the courage to buy a ticket, book tours, hostels, hotels and design the entire itinerary myself! I was super scared and felt physically sick when I confirmed with my agent the £1850 for my flight ticket!! And then when I paid £2500 on tours for 2 months for China and India, I’m pretty sure I experienced a small panic attack! This did subside and I was flooded with excitement, happiness, fear and a massive head rush! It was undoubtedly the best thing I have ever, ever done!

I just wish that I had had the confidence to do it a hell of a lot sooner and had more support and guidance to actually get out and live my travel dreams!

I spend hours and hours and hours researching all the things I would need to travel and couldn’t find anything anywhere that would just tell me how to plan my trip, what I needed and the confidence to actually go travelling.


Fast forward to 2017, where Gal Pal Academy was born, where our vision is to get women dreaming about travel, to getting out in the world and living their travel dreams!!

Want to travel? Read more about my travel to China here.

Thanks for reading ladies and get travelling!

JO xx

Founder of Gal Pal Academy  

PS. Need more inspiration? Tune in to Gal Pal Travel Podcast..! You’ll soon get excited for travel.


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