How to plan your day when travelling


Are you looking to go travelling and not sure how to fill your time? Or maybe you’re wondering what do travellers actually do with their days?

Then this episode is perfect for you. I’m teaching you how I set out a day schedule when I travel. I use my recent trip to Florence in Italy to show you how to structure a day to get the most out of travelling.

If you’re going travelling and want to know the best way to structure your day… Listen now…

How to plan a day when travelling…

This travel episode is about …

Being in Florence, Italy and planning my day out to get the most out of my time there and avoid the touristy areas at peak times.

How I plan my day when travelling:

Before I arrive at a destination or on the morning of my first day in a new place, I plan my day using the criteria below.

1) Write down all places I must not miss
2) Where they are on a map
3) When do they close? – if big tourist attraction do later in the day so its quitter
4) What do I want to do in the morning?
5) What food do I want to eat and must not miss
6) What type of transport do I need? Can I just walk or is it further out

 Italian hole in the wall in florence, italy     Hole in the wall selling wine and bread filled rolls, in Florence in Italy   My wine and filled roll from a hole in the wall food place in Florence in Italy


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So many travellers overlook planning a rest stop. They think they can just travel and travel and not take time out. That’s their biggest mistake and how they get travelling so wrong.

Planning a rest stop is one of the best decisions that you’ll make. Moving from culture to culture is exciting and thrilling but also overwhelming. It tires you out so quickly and leaves you feeling exhausted.

Having a rest stop in a place that isn’t full of tourists or loads of things to do, will enable you to just stop. Relax. Breathe. And catch up with yourself. You’ll feel refreshed, revived and ready to take on your next destination.

Listen now…

This episode is about …

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  • Why you should plan a rest stop
    • Chance to catch up with yourself and have some body maintenance
    • Great way to reflect on your journey so far
    • Plan for the next part of your trip
    • Catch up with friends, send some messages, upload videos and photos
    • Sleep and rest
    • Get some clean clothes
  • How to plan a rest stop
  • My experience of using Pisa in Italy as my rest stop
    • I knew I’d be bored there
    • Didn’t feel guilty of staying in my hostel and chatting to other travellers, or just stopping and not going out
    • Not many people stay overnight in Pisa – so not many tourists there
    • Relaxed and chatted with other travellers who I ended up meeting in Milan
  • How to decide where to have a rest stop
    • Choose somewhere that isn’t a massive tourist destination
    • Isn’t a really large city, go for a small town instead
    • Not somewhere that has a lot of sights and things to do
    • I like to chill out in a small town or in the country – away from all the distractions
  • When you should plan in a rest stop


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