Staying in a hostel


Hostel Room Etiquette – yes it exists!

When travelling, there are some basic ground rules when it comes to sharing a room with other GALS. Now, if you’ve never shared a room before it can be a bit daunting as you don’t know what you should do or how you should act.

Growing up, I had to share a room with my sister so I learnt very quickly what was acceptable and was not! Especially as she was older than me and we had very different personality traits – she was messy, I was not!

So let’s get into this…

The Please Do’s and the Please Don’ts..!

Please Do’s…

1) Talk to everyone! Just say “hello” to every GAL that comes into the room.
2) Welcome new travellers to the room. Make them feel like it’s their room too – because it is – so involve them in the chats!
3) Smile and be polite to everyone – even the cleaners!
4) Help each other out – offer to hold the door open whilst they manoeuvre their heavy and awkward backpack around the door frame.
5) Share the space – Remember, it’s not a competition – you all want a good bed and a good space to keep your stuff.
6) Contain your stuff in one section – have 1 space where you put your stuff and that’s it!
7) Close the door quietly – remember a bedroom is a relaxing, safe and calm space for everyone. Keep the door slamming to a minimum.
8) Remember your door key! It’s your responsibility to let yourself in and out not your roommates.
9) Share the plug sockets – everyone has a phone they want to charge and friends and family they want to talk to – so be nice, does your phone really need to be charged to 100% or could you leave it at 80%?
10) Share the mirror – other GALS want to do their hair and make-up too.

Be a nice, easy going roommate. If you’ve been in a place for a few days offer some advice to new comers on the best times to use the hostel kitchen, or the best place to get food!

Please Don’t

1) Turn the light on when you have an early flight! A big no no, people are trying to sleep!
2) Snooze your alarm over and over and over … just get up!
3) Pack your stuff away in the early hours of the morning – prepare the night before.
4) Talk on the phone in the middle of the night! People want to sleep.
5) Decorate the room with your wet clothes or hang your clothes on someone else’s bed!
6) Take the sheets and pillows from other beds – GALS may be arriving in the middle of the night so leave a bed for them!
7) Leave your smelly shoes in the room – ewww! No one wants to wake up to that smell!
8) Turn off the fan in 40°C heat – no one wants a sweaty night’s sleep.
9) If you know you snore take precautions! Buy some nose strips or mouth guards to reduce the noise and impact on your roommates.
10) Use other GALS stuff – just ask if you can borrow it, don’t just assume you can use it.

Extra points…

Sex –I know getting caught up in the moment and having a wild night with a guy is exciting, it isn’t what other GALS want to witness in their room – be a good roommate and go to his room! I’m joking – go and have a romantic affair where people aren’t sleeping 1 metre from you!
Eating – have snacks in the room but keep full meals reserved for the dining areas!

Get to know your room mates, you may end up experiencing an awesome adventure with them. I have met some very interesting GALS who were so different to me, and I learnt so much from them! I’ve become really good friends with GALS that I probably wouldn’t have even spoke to in my home country! This is what travelling is all about…meet new people from all backgrounds and discover new things!

Thanks for reading!

JO xx


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