Things to Know About Travelling India


I’ve got mixed feelings on India. Part of me loved the culture and a part of me couldn’t wait to leave!

How can one culture, leave me feeling so confused?


Surely you either love it or hate it?


Things I loved…

1) The food! Indian curries in India are the best I have ever had! There are so many different flavours and varieties to choose from and the Naan bread is so good.


2) The colours! The women wear the brightest coloured clothes and jewellery and look very glamorous.


3) The festivals. I was there for Diwali the Festival of Light that lasts for 5 days and really was a celebration! Everyone gets involved and celebrate with fireworks, candles, sweets and prayers.


4) The Dalai Lama. I was so lucky to meet the Dalai Lama in his house of residence in Himachal Pradesh (North India). It was by chance that I got to see him giving a teaching and I like tell the story of how I waved at him and he waved back.


It was as if he was Leo DiCaprio or Justin Bieber, I felt SO special!



5) Taj Mahal – It was a beautiful sight that really looks like the pictures you see on the internet.



Things I hated…

1) The trains! I travelled for two days on a train from Himachal Pradesh (in the North) to Goa (in the south). There are no showers or washing facilities just a hole in the train floor which was the toilet. Although this was an experience, its not to be repeated.


2) Delhi belly! Yes I got it as I was on a train journey from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh. I was so so sick for 3 days but got some antibiotics and bounced back pretty quick.


You haven’t experienced India if you don’t get Delhi Belly! Right?


3) The taxi rides – being taken for a ride at 3am in Delhi when the driver “forgot” where my hotel was and instead took me to a tour booking office.


4) The Indian head nod… you’re saying yes but shaking your head? So, is it a yes or a no? I’m so confused!

A man showing how to do the Indian head nod.


5) Poverty – it was everywhere and really hard to ignore. Seeing the rich and poor contrast within a close proximity was really tough to watch.


I both love and hate India.


I really enjoyed the time I was there, travelling through the country and getting to meet the people, who were really happy to see travellers.


I feel I still need to explore more of the country to be able to make a final decision on this.
Me and India have a…
Love / Hate relationship

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JO xx

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