Top 10 Travel Experiences

I’ve travelled around the world and have compiled a list of my Top 10 Travel Experiences as a solo female traveller… 


1. Alice Springs, Australia
Living and working in the desert (outback) in the middle of Australia and becoming an Aussie.

2. Surin Elephant Project, Thailand
Having one of the best weeks of my life on an Elephant reserve. And the best group water fight with fellow travellers.

3. Himachal Pradesh, India
Waving at the Dalai Lama whilst at his house, then have him wave back at me!

4. Travelling India
Wearing a Sari and getting henna for Diwali, the Indian Festival of light, in India.

5. Ambroseli National Park, Kenya
Seeing a hippo for the first time on Safari in Kenya.

6. Paris, France
Salsa dancing at sunset on the Seine River, in Paris.

7. La Spezia, Italy
Eating the best Spaghetti Bolognese, and drinking red wine in a hostel with other backpackers.

8. Tokyo, Japan
Seeing Sumo wrestlers practice and getting a personalised notebook made in Tokyo.

9. Bejing, China
Having the biggest culture shock of my life in my favourite country to date; China.

10. Sydney, Australia
Meeting up with new traveller friends further into my travel and celebrating New Year with them.

Travel for me is…

Discovering myself and falling in love with the world. And knowing “I’m home” when I’m travelling.

Start your travel story today…

  Jo xx


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